Over Exposed :: May 20, 2004

Some company reduces the service prices, SMS for only 7 cent... this is wow.. Improvement in coverage, and yet, the service price drop... but some company decides to increase price... no improvement in services, and yet, increase price summore... Well, those lived in Malaysia knows the two company that I talked about... this is what happens when we have market control... Well, the only thing we can do now is fight back... stop subscribing... they not only loose the RM5 that they want to increase, but also the entire subscription of at least RM49.95... when we stand together... we can make a difference.. it does not take many/much... only 390K of people (out of 1.39Mil total subscribers) that goes for RM49.95 stop their service, astro is to loose 19.5mil per month... how?s that for size... Blogger Photoblogging
While the satellite service in Malaysia is screwing the people, Blogger on the other hand has a new Photo Blogging services.. It used to only Blogger Pro that gets to store photo onto blogger server, but now everyone gets to too... But? a big but.. it is not done out of blogger itself? it has to be done through a messenger tool call Hello, and the function called Bloggerbot? it is sad that Hello does not have firewall support, thus I could not connect out from the office? but when I got home, it works wonderfully? http://www.blogger.com/knowledge/2004/05/hello-photoblogging.pyra

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