Machine :: February 12, 2004

Book Keeping
I have been wondering, how come I have release so many books, and yet, there is none found. I have finally got the reason. The books that I released at the coffee outlets all over Penang at Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Dome, all has been kept by the employees. Why? Why, after the clear label, they still keep them. Don't they know how to read English?? Maybe, this is the problem. Maybe they can't read at all. Nevertheless, what a disappointment. Future book release will have to avoid these places. Fortunate, a fellow book crossing tracker went to find the books and found out what happen. The first book he found!'

I got the book today at about 7pm in Starbucks, Gurney Plaza. At first, I didn't see the book in the magazine rack, so I ask the girl at the counter if anyone had left a book two weeks ago. She asked me what was the title of the book and after I had replied, she took out the book from the locker in the counter... o_O Well, after a short description about BookCrossing and why the book was left on purpose, I went to hunt for the other book!

The Second!
I caught this book straight after catching the one at Starbucks cafe. As again, the book wasn't in the magazine rack. So I asked the two Malay girls at the counter if they had seen a book which was left in the cafe 2 weeks ago... One of them went to the back of the cafe and enquired her colleagues and later took the book out from under the front counter and gave it to me... I later told them that the book was left intentionally and if they should ever see another book like it in the rack, they should best leave it there... :-)

Photofriday - Rare
This is a rare glimpz of the Electricity Meter internal mechanism..

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