Kid :: February 10, 2004
Emotional Intelligence I attended the second EQ (emotional intelligence) class today and thought of sharing what I have learnt. This class actually runs for 3 days, but my company ?gau gau? (hokkien for ?being a smart ass?) go and reduce it to one day. Then later found the first class benefits and extended for the second day. This course was thought by Prof Leonard Yong, an retired prof of University Malaya in Psychology. The class basically talks about emotional intelligence, teaching us the dynamics of human emotion and behavior. It helps us to understand people issue, such as why we could not work with certain person. Why some people needs constant praise and why some people needs data to make decision, etc. This is truly an enlightening class, especially the first day, where we learnt about the different emotional behavior. Today, the professor thought of how to give constructive criticism and also how to receive them, and ends the day on how to resolve conflict effectively. To give a constructive criticism, the critique needs to have Empathy, Pin Point the issue and Move forward. This is called EPM formulae. Then to receive Criticism, there is the 4A formulae. Anticipate, Ask Questions, Agree with Something & Analyze. First while the criticism is being delivered, we need to anticipate and keep asking ourselves, what can be learnt from this critique. This is to take the mind off the emotion, so that we do not feel angry and react in a negative way. Then Ask questions to further clarify the criticism. After this, try to agree with what the other person is saying, not necessary exactly what he says, but in principal. This will help to defuse any strong emotions that he may have. Finally, analyze the criticism together? and if not together, yourself. ----- EXTENDED BODY:
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