Turn On Your Car Alarm Buzzer

The Honda Jazz Hybrid 2012 comes with the Cobra Bridge 4400 System Alarm. You can re-program the alarm system to beep when ever you lock or un-lock your car. You do no have to install additional buzzer.

The Alarm System Manual can be found here.

Simplified Steps:

  1. Disarm Your Car
  2. Open Your Driver Car Door & Bonnet
  3. Put your car key into the ignition and turn to position II and wait for 15 seconds.
  4. Enter your Car Alarm Passcode.
  5. Once you have done Step 4 correctly, the signal lights will turn on and a long beep will sound. Press the alarm code button till the beep goes off.
  6. Close your door & bonnet and try to lock/un-lock your car to try out the beep.

Here is a video made by the Lowyat Insight Member:

Note: it may take you a few times to get this right. Some said need to open passenger door. From my experience, its the keying in of the code portion needs to be correct. Nevertheless, try and try again if you fail. In addition, this is to be done at your own risk. There may be a reason why Honda turn this off, of which no one knows at this point. I take no responsibility on what you do to your own car. 

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