My Alza Fuel Consumption average at 12.7km/l

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Its been a while since I share my Alza fuel consumption performance and I have travel quite a bit.  I have manage to pump Petronas(2x), Caltex(1x) and Shell(3x) since.  During this period I was traveling a fair bit on the highway as well as through the tiny lanes in the City, specifically through Georgetown.  The average fuel consumption inches to 12.7km/l from the previous 12.6km/l report.  It does seams like the car fuel consumption has stabilize around this value as evident on the Moving Average chart below.

I have also found from the MyAlza forum as well as else where on the web, that the Alza Fuel Consumption performance is at 12.7km/l for Automatic Transmission and 15.5km/l for Manual Transmission.  This literary means that my Alza has reach it’s limit.  Its certainly disappointing to find out that the car could not perform better as I have wish since I gave up my City.  Nevertheless, this is the reality and I guess the only thing to do now is to pimp it up a little as suggested by some of the commenter’s.



My Alza Fuel Consumption Averages at 12.6km/l

Feb 6 2011

My Alza Fuel Consumption inches up to 12.6km/l from previous update of 12.5km/l.  There are virtually no change to the fuel consumption average. The Fuel consumption average that I plot on the graph as a red line is the average fuel consumption since day 1.  Since the last update, I had 7 pumps and had travelled over 3000 km.  The best Fuel Consumption performance was 17km/l with Shell Ron95 travelling on the Highway.  The worst was 10.4km/l with Caltex Ron95 city travelling.   In the last few fill, I have not been paying attention to the fuel consumption.  In addition, there were a list of problems with the car which I believe have a bit to do with the poor fuel efficiency of the car.

During the 10k service, I complaint about Squeaking sound that the Perodua Service Center note to be due to Air Condition problem and electrical problem.  I also ask them to rotate the tyre and perform balancing.  Right after that, I went onto the Hwy and found that at high speed 110km/h, the steering vibrates.  I went back to Perodua Service Center and they said that this is because the balancing that they did were for low speed and they do not do high speed balancing.  Nevertheless, they re-look into the problem and it still persist.  The electrical problem causes the car meter to go off and on again during idling. In addition, the A/T indicator were on much longer than usual.  The service center found the problem to be due to Battery and they changed a new battery for me.  The Air Condition problem were not fix as the service center said they are ringing in the air condition for warranty.

For Mobil and Caltex, this is only one data point and I plan to take at least 30 data point to compare with the usual Shell Ron 95 that I use.  Therefore, it is too early to make any conclusion.  Many MyAlza forumers have reported better performance with BHP, Caltex Techron and Petronas, so I do expect to see a better performance with the mention brands.

Feb 6 2011 MA


My Alza Fuel Consumption drops to 12.5km/l

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I have just finish the 10k service and had took a long journey down south over the holiday weekend.  The fuel consumption of the car have saturated to around 12.5km/l as you can see on the bottom Moving Average chart.  I have been using Shell Ron 95 & 97 (for the first few pumps) all this while and in the previous post a few fellow drivers suggest that other fuel providers will have a better performance.  Currently I have 28 data points exceeding 30 data points I will switch to another fuel provider to measure the performance.



My Alza Fuel Consumption Averages at 12.7km/l

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Oct 24

My Alza Fuel Consumption inches higher from 12.3km/l to 12.7km/l.  I have perform 5k service since and the last pump was at 6194km.  Looking at the moving average chart, the average of the last 4 pump were 13.8km/l.  I see this as a significant improvement from the day I pick up the car, which performs at only 10.9km/l.  Though it is still far from what Toyota claim at 15.6km/l, but it is close to my previous Honda City that performs at 14.7km/l.  As the Alza Fuel Consumption efficiency is still improving and does not seam to be leveling off, I am hopeful that I will achieve my previous Honda City performance.

Oct 24_MA


My Alza Fuel Consumption Improving

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Sept 30

One month in after collecting the car, I have traveled more than 3500km. I have used Shell VPower 97 during the first few pump and then changed to Caltex 95 for 2 pumps and Shell 95 after that till today.  The average fuel consumption firmly stands at 12.3km/l, still far from Toyota 15.6km/l claim.

The chart above suggest the fuel consumption have been improving and I plot a moving average chart below averaging 4 datapoint.  Doing this, the uptrend can be clearly seen.  This is a good indication that the car fuel consumption efficiency are improving and maybe, just maybe we can hit what Toyota claim.

Sept 30_MA

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