Itching for Reboot

Ah, I have been itching to reboot, and along came two nice looking theme from ericulous… hymmm… can’t get my hands off them…

Orange 2.0

They look great, and will take a long time to customize, of which time I don’t have. If you come back and see a new theme within the next month, it would be either of these two, modified. Orange is a color that I seldom see on luscious CSS designs. This is nicely done, and based on Hemmingway base theme. I have seen orange before on its raw CSS format, and I was just thinking of porting it over to WordPress, thanks to ericulous, he have done the hard part, now left the customization part, which is not hard, but time consuming.

Small Studio below looks great, with one post as Latest, and it loads faster too, however, to customize it, the nice red couch will have to go. Somehow, strips seams to be a little 2005/2006, and for 2007, I am looking for something new. Both Orange and Small Studio have stripes, and in my opinion, it is a little old for this zooming net age…

Small Studio

On this day..