If Jack the Ripper has a face


I know I am being mean for saying this, but this girl really creeps me out. If you dont believe me, check out her youtube blog. The big eyes staring at you, without any words… kinda reminds me of the Puss n’ Boots of Shrek. Wide eyes staring at you, and you go like awwe… Bam! and your heads roll on the floor.. That how I imagine being ended by Magibon

4 thoughts on “If Jack the Ripper has a face

  1. She’s not even Japanese… she’s not even part Japanese…lol… she’s just really obcessed with the Japanese culture.

  2. I think she is at least partially Japanese, just because she supposedly lives in America doesnt mean she isnt Japanese or at least partially.

    I believe the strange look is a lot down to the lens that is used, ive seen other people replicate it to look just like her.

    I also think she is kinda creepy looking, its possible this is some huge publicity stunt for some film or TV series.

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