Hatyai 2010 like the Mango Sticky Rice


This 2010 Hatyai family trip started out with loads of bumps and ended like the Mango Sticky Rice.  Sweet Sour Mango and tasty sticky rice, leaving us contended for the rest of the year.  About a month back the family decided to go Hatyai for the Raya holiday.  Its been a year since and we had a great time in the previous trip.  But the hotels in Hatyai was fully booked during the Raya holidays and so we decided to spend the Malaysia Day holiday in Hatyai instead.

I bought the Alza so that we can drive there as there were 6 of us, it was an overnight decision as we really needed a MPV once a while and Alza just fit the bill.  So, we were all excited to drive the new car in and have a great time in Hatyai.  The mood started out great till we got onto the car and lock the doors.  The GPS failed.  The Garmin keep crashing and 30 minutes later we departed with a broken GPS.  Fatty tried to get it to work on the entire hour up to Changloon and to our disappointment,  the GPS was as good as a paper weight.

We decided to take the van instead.  The funny thing is once we got onto the van and was well on our way to Hatyai, the GPS starts to work.  Devine intervention? I don’t know.  The problems did not stop there.  Once we got there, the New Season Hotel that we were excited to try turn out to be a huge disappointment.  For THB1000 a night, the hotel put us up on Level 3, next to their air conditioning unit.  They hum the entire night leaving us hadly any sleep.  We check out the next day and went to Mayflower Hotel for THB920 and it was a much better hotel.  At the New Season, we went for the massage at level 2, Fatty had the foot massage, I had the Shoulder and Back Massage and my wife and her sister went for the oil massage.  Fatty and Sister In Law had a good time, I had a sore shoulder, my wife had a back pain from the massage.

Well, it was not all bad, for all the bad things, there is an equal good thing to balance things up.  Fatty bought a cheap Zebra kettle, bought a whole new set of clothes for the family and had Swenson ice cream every day (Yes, it was that cheap) and loads of Mango Sticky Rice.  So, till the next Hatyai trip, its time to trouble shoot the GPS device, wonder what happen..

On this day..