Buying Refrigerator for my Home!

When I was at the local electrical chain to shop for a new refrigerator, I was overwhelmed by the number of models and companies that produced them. Wasn’t sure which model to get, I did a little web search.

Initially I wanted to find refrigerator reviews on some of the models that I have short listed. Unfortunately, this kind of resource is rather hard to come by. It is easier to find a DVD player review than a refrigerator review. Most of the reviews are done and hosted by first world countries. I found no such resource for Malaysia. I quickly abandon this task. Maybe I did not find hard enough, then again, I didn’t want to spend too much time on this either.

Then I came across Whirlpool Refrigerator Buying Guide by accident and pick up an interesting fact from there. The refrigerator will run 24 by 7, 365 days a year. It is important to get a model that is efficient and consume very little energy. Look for refrigerators with ENERGY STAR® Qualification. Oh, jolly good I thought, I will base my buying guide on this then I thought. After looking through the popular brand names like Toshiba, Panasonic, LG and Sharp, none of their refrigerator display or boast ENERGY STAR ® compliance. The closest I got was Samsung which boast ISO Energy A certification, which I could not find at the site (maybe I have not looked hard enough).

So back to square one with Samsung with the highest rating in my book. Then I remembered when I was in TNB applying for electricity connection, the Penang main branch has a showcase on energy efficient products. They had a few pamphlets on how to safe energy. I took to the web again at hoping to find this info online.

As expected, there were no recommendations of products, but they did have some good advice, 300L refrigerator will cost you RM20 per month to run. Do not placed the refrigerator too closed to the wall, etc… Initially I wanted to get the largest refrigerator I could afford. This is mainly due to my past experience of running out of space with small refrigerator. I guess having this cost figure help me to decide better on the right amount of space I should get. Biggest may not be the best for the long run. Imagine, current largest capacity refrigerators are around 600-710L, meaning the minimal electricity bill to run these giants would be RM40, not considering TV, washing machine, electrical cattle, oven, AIR condition… pengsan…

The Good
Kudos to TNB to have such good informations online, though their site takes so long to load.

The Bad
Disappointed with Appliance companies sites (Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Samsung, etc), they only display the type of products, the key functions of the product and some little specs, like dimensions & weight. These information gives little help to people like me who thinks of efficiency and durability. I would like to see informations like energy testing, Wattage consumption, durability testing, etc…

The Ugly
I still have not decided yet…

On this day..

10 thoughts on “Buying Refrigerator for my Home!

  1. I have 3 fridges (in two house) – Phillips, Toshiba and Samsung. If at all possible, avoid Korean brands. The exterior is very hot and it can be noisy. Toshiba is serving us well. Phillips lasts and lasts. If money no problem, the American import is cool. Oh ya, avoid Panasonic and those Made-In-Taiping ones too. I hope I did not confuse you further.

  2. Thanks Lilian & Quah, My wife is also saying to avoid Korean Brands, but a colleague of my said LG & Samsung is currently the best.

    I saw Whirlpool fridge last weekend at Pisa Home Fair, looks nice, but the common Chain retailers like SEC or SenQ dont carry them.

    Currently SEC is carrying loads and loads of Toshiba, maybe we will get that.. or Sharp…

    thanks for your advice..

  3. hey there..

    personally, i’ve known friends and family members who got the panasonic tanto range and the LG (all models). panasonic sucks!!! not cold at all.. takes ages to cool a can of coke, whereas, (do i need to say it???) LG did a marvellous work of chilling up the coke wonderfully in less than half an hour! i got the largest one (so far… 700ltr) and loving every minute of it. makes me look forward to coming home from a hot day, jammed packed on the damned federal highway, to enjoy ALL my super-chilled drinks, courtesy of F&N Coca-Cola!

    try to ask around about LG, they won’t disappoint u, esp. the range with the ice-beam door cooling range. i x get that one, coz they r out of my budget, but even that, without it, it’s cold enuff, can u imagine if it comes with it???

    good luck!

  4. oh.. forgot to mention, my 700ltr LG was only RM1800/-, how can i resist???

  5. Panasonic Fridge Model NR-B591G are useless.

    juz bought for a few months and now it is not functioning !!

  6. So much of negative reports about Panasonic. I had a Panasonic for 21 years without any problems until today. It seems, its compressor is leaking and this overloads my circuit. No choice going to abandon it maybe for a LG.

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