Apple Lemon Enzyme

This recipe is simple, Just two Green Apple, 5 Yellow Lemon and 1kg (700ml) of honey.  Keep for 45 days, and you will get a smooth and sweet enzyme.  I was very excited on my first enzyme, which was the Dragon Fruit Enzyme, and waiting for it to mature was really excruciating.  And so, we started to make more enzyme, mainly to ensure we are not short of them since we consume quite a lot on daily basis.  We decided to make the Apple Lemon Enzyme again as the ones that my wife’s mom made was super delicious, and only took us 2 weeks to finish up the entire liter of it. 


Making the Apple Lemon Enzyme was dead simple, just 3 ingredients, and loads of time, and you will have a very smooth and sweet Enzyme.  Before making you will have to ensure that everything is dry, including your hands and utensils.  This is to avoid contamination that would lead to fungus or molds, which I have read to be bad.  Cut the Apples up, my mother inlaw cut them up into 4 pieces per apple, we just slice them up.  Then Slice up the lemons.  Layer the lemons and apples into the bottle and pour in the honey.  I am not sure why honeys are sold in kilograms or grams as they are liquid, nevertheless, a scan across the supermarket counter on all the honey sold there, they are all in grams.  For this batch, we are making two bottles, one with a cheap honey, and another with a more expensive honey.  Both honey taste different, and we are eager to taste the outcome in 45 days time. 

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6 thoughts on “Apple Lemon Enzyme

  1. hi, its me again. if u would like to experiment out my enzyme recipe, drop me a line with your email address. will be glad to share it with you

  2. About your recipe; is it 2 Green Apples or 20 Green Apples? Do you recommend to have the peels removed? Keen to try the recipe. Thanks.

    • Hi Felix, it is 2 Green Apples, 5 Lemon, 1kg of Honey, and keep for 45 days… I suggest 1.5ltr bottle size, just nice… For the apples, just remove the seed, keep the peels. The same for the lemons…

  3. thanks for the tip. I’ve just finished slicing and bottling them up. I used 3 apples because they were rather small. The lemons I had were kinda large though… didn’t layer them that well. Do you think it’ll really matter much? Now, I wait… hope to hear your verdict once you get to taste your creation. :)

  4. Hi Felix, I don’t think it matters as after some time, the fruit juice comes out and everything floats up. My mother inlaw gave us one bottle of this and it taste great, we have finish that harvest and could not wait for this to complete…

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